Cox Technic

Cox Distraction Manipulation/Spinal Decompression

Recovery from a back injury requires time, effort, patience, and cooperation, starting with Stage 1.Below are general explanations of the back pain and relief process:

In the first 72 hours after your back injury, your body responds with inflammation, swelling, redness, warmth and pain. It is important to reduce these side effects as best as possible using ice on the affected areas. 

Dr. Lonny Performing Cox Technic


The first step in treatment is a visit to our office for a private consultation.

Since there are many causes of neck, shoulder, back and arm pain problems, Dr. Skjervheim will be most conscientious in diagnosing your specific condition.

On the first visit, his job is to perform a thorough examination, and will suggest x-rays if necessary, to accurately diagnose your condition and outline the treatment protocol best for your particular issue. Your treatment regime would begin right away. 

Within the first 6 weeks, you should feel better and sleep better, as your body begins the healing process.


The spine has many layers of muscles around it, and fascia are tissues between these muscle layers which hold them together.  The fascia and muscles heal with scar tissue which forms differently than normal tissue. This scar tissue is not as strong or elastic-like as normal tissue, so DON'T GET DISCOURAGED if twinges of the old pain return. It is natural and makes it important to continue working with those muscles in a controlled fashion -- using Cox Distraction Manipulation/Decompression.

For 3 weeks to 12 months, your body adapts itself to its new condition and needs rehabilitation to maintain and strengthen its new tissues.


You should continue doing as instructed in Stage 2. It is very important to continue rehabilitation. Research shows that patients who continue rehab even after "feeling better" have less scar tissue formation and have more strength, flexibility, better cartilage nutrition and less chance of recurrence of injury. 


Cox Flexion-Distraction Manipulation creates  a "push, pull, pumping" effect on the intervertebral disc space and allows the following benefits:             

  • Allows the nucleus pulposus inside the disc to assume its central position within the annular fibers and relieve irritations on the spinal nerve caused by swelling;
  • Increases the intervertebral disc height to remove tension on the annular fibers and nerve by making more room and improving circulation;
  • Restores vertebral joints to their physiological relationships or motion (realigns your spine);
  • Improves posture and movement while relieving pain, improving bodily functions, and creating a state of well-being.

Dr. Skjervheim utilizes the Cox Technic

Dr. Lonny Using Cox Technic

This technique originated nearly 40 years ago, but it wasn't until 1991 that the specific protocols for treating cervical spine pain evolved. The Cox Flexion-Distraction is a gentle, non-force adjusting procedure where the physician is in control at all times, working with the body's natural design to aid it in healing.

Before your treatment is performed, you will be carefully tested for your tolerance to treatment.

By tractioning the spine and then flexing it, pain from joint and disc problems can be resolved.

Cox Flexion-Distraction is a powerfully effective approach to low back and leg pain; having the ability to place spinal joints into normal movements, painlessly restoring spinal motion.

The Lumbar Spine: Back Pain & Sciatic Leg Pain  

Vertebrae, discs, nerves, articulations, and a spinal cord make up your spine.  Any of them could become a source of pain in an accident, in doing an everyday activity or in playing a sport.

The vertebrae are the bony parts of your spine: the ones that you can see and feel up and down your back. They are sensitive. They become even more sensitive if a disc that separates them "slips" or "degenerates" due to lack of nutrition, deterioration, or injury.

If the disc "slips," the inner nucleus (a gel-like material) escapes in the anular fibers (rubberband-like & elastic to allow spinal movement) and can cause just low back pain or press back into the spinal canal to compress a nerve which causes pain down the leg where the nerve travels. This leg pain is called sciatica.Cox Technic may gently open the disc space enough to give space for the nerve to "breathe" and not cause pain. 

Nutrition can play a part in your back pain treatment. Research shows a loss of some nutrients within the disc before degeneration occurs, so you may be given supplements to aid in your healing.

A healthy spine and its joints have five motions: flexion, extension, lateral (side-to-side) flexion, rotation, and circumduction (circular motion). The goal is to return healthy, pain-free motion to the spine.

Further, to help the disc(s) assume a more normal position, to help the spine regain its lost motions, and to enhance muscle and ligament healing with minimum scar tissue damage, Cox Technic is the treatment of choice.

While there are many chiropractors in Bellevue, Dr. Lonny takes a unique interest in empowering you to help yourself, while ensuring you have a solid foundation to build on!


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