A Modern Solution

Everyday activities ask a lot out of our bodies. No matter how well we care for ourselves, we eventually begin to feel a buildup of stress in our muscles, joints, and internal organs. As one of few Chiropractors in Bellevue that specialize in this program, we believe in making modern technology work for you through the innovative and cutting edge practice of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).

Nutrition Response Testing measures the natural reflexes and connections between the brain and your body’s central nervous system. Your central nervous system connects everything essential in your body, including your organs, joints, muscles, glands, and more. By targeting the nervous system, NRT professionals can monitor how your body regulates itself directly at the origin. Most importantly, we can achieve this naturally through holistic methods and practices

How It Works

The world is full of natural energy, and the human body is a walking, talking conductor for it all. That amount of force can easily disrupt the routine activities we experience throughout a typical workday. These disruptions manifest themselves in many ways, though pain and discomfort are often the most apparent. These disruptions can easily go unnoticed but are quickly recognized through our noninvasive Nutrition Response Testing.

Our experts know the exact points throughout the body to examine when evaluating the bodies of our patients and their natural reflexes. Our medical professionals are trained to handle your health and wellbeing directly at its source, so stop wasting time on other forms of care that try to heal through prescription drugs and surgical procedures at first opportunity. Instead, look within to the body’s ability to self-heal naturally.

If you often find your muscles and joints strained or weakened, they are likely experiencing increased levels of stress and dysfunction. Nutrition Response Testing will put you on a path of recovery without a single invasive lab test. By the end of your initial consultation, you will know full well the best way forward for you.

How It’s Different

If you were to visit a traditional office with similar symptoms, you may expect to be hooked up to an EKG machine. This machine would record the same energy moving throughout your body as NRT to be monitored by the medical professional.

Nutrition Response Testing tests similar energy paths through your body, but in drastically different ways. The NRT professional will contact specific locations throughout the patient’s body with one hand while at the same time measuring the strength and energy of the area experiencing pain. If the area, such as an arm or leg, becomes weak, it is a clear sign that the practitioner has located and identified a point of stress or dysfunction.

We tailor our treatments to your individual needs because we know that it is the best thing for you.

What if an Internal Organ Experiences Stress?

If you believe you are experiencing stress internally, as in your liver or kidney, NRT is an excellent remedy for you.

The best way forward would be to test the weak and affected areas with specific quality nutritional supplements. This is the ideal way to test the reflexes and bring them back to optimal function. Identifying the correct dietary supplements and ingredients for a specific patient is an essential part of the roadmap to recovery. By pinpointing the primary deficiencies at their source, we know what caused the weakness in the first place.

All of this is discovered and revealed throughout your initial consultation, and is essential for the medical professional to map out an individualized program for the patient. Decades of clinical research and experience tell us that adhering to these regimented plans can have you feeling like yourself again in a matter of weeks.

Expect Lasting and Natural Results

Your initial consultation creates your pathway to success. All of our patients become excited around living a healthy lifestyle and are inspired to stick with our experts’ recommendations. The most enthusiastic and dedicated of these patients can expect to see results that stand the test of time. That is because nothing works for your body better than an individualized and natural treatment plan!

If your health conditions have affected your life in an adverse way for too long, this is the best route back to the life you want to live. If you realize your health won’t improve until you address your chronic discomfort at its source, visit us today for modern and practical solutions at Bellevue Sports and Family Chiropractic.