“I am Dr. Robert E. Johnson, retired Oral Surgeon & former dept. head at the UW School of Dentistry. My training and years in the field let me to consider Chiropractic as sort of a second rate profession. After a serious auto accident a few years ago, Dr. Skjervheim reversed my opinion. After orthopedic surgeons had no more to offer, I started with Dr. Skjervheim and he took care of most of my pain in the back, spine and associated muscles. Results were amazing. He didn’t promise me a new body, but honestly said he could make me feel better-and he did!

I am not necessarily advocating all chiropractors, but I know one who has a real concern for his patients and I can’t advocate his services enough. Thank you Dr. Skjervheim.”

-Dr. Robert E. Johnson

“Doctor Lonny Rocks!!! You are the Best.”

-Keith W.

“I first met Dr. Lonny 2 years ago. Nearly one year ago I was in a serious collision. Without Dr. Lonny I would not have been able to continue working. He is a Godsend. The level of care I receive surpasses my expectations and that offered by other chiropractors. I cannot say thank you enough!”

-Charla C.


“Dr. Skjervheim is one in a million. He is dedicated to the health and well being of his patients and friends and family as well. You will receive comprehensive care if you choose to add Dr. Skjervheim to your health care team.”


“A great sports and family chiropractor, Dr. Lonny Skjervheim, helps with anyone seeking orthotics.  Both of my kids have falling arches, and have seen doctor Lonny for the past few years.  What sets him apart from simply someone who can prescribe orthotics is that he addresses and treats all of the physical issues that contribute to falling arches.  There are very few chiropractors in the area who have credentials for treating our extremities (hands, feet, legs, etc.) and he is great with my kids!  I have seen him as well for general chiropractic care. ”

-Janet W.

“Dr. Skjervheim is one of the best chiropractors around. His dedication to improving his techniques always amaze me. I have been a patient of his since the early 90’s. I highly recommend Dr. Skjervheim to become YOUR doctor. Enjoy Life–Let Dr. Skjervheim help your body heal itself!”

-Christine C.

“I heartily recommend Dr. Skjervheim. He really knows his stuff and is very concerned with his patient’s health. He has also helped me with wrist and ankle problems, in addition to treating my low back pain and also a neck problem I later developed from my job. He is very caring and gentle, and I know that when he recommends something, it will help me. I’ve recommended Dr. Skjervheim to my sister and two friends, and they’ve been very pleased with him.  One of my friends and my sister were very apprehensive about chiropractic, but they soon realized that it’s the only way they’d get better. (Both had seen a doctor before with poor results.) All three of the people I recommended Dr. Skjervheim to are doing much better now and are out of pain.”

-Dana S.

“I had trouble for 2 to 3 years with my left knee and left shoulder. Advice from my trainers was not very effective. Dr. Skjervheim recommended a couple different extremity adjustments. ‘Wow’ method is what he did. He calls it ‘Wow’ because you will be shocked on how well the adjustment works. I’ve had total results. During basketball season, my knee doesn’t experience the kind of pain it did before.”

-Justin P.

“Dr. Skjervheim has been more than my chiropractor. Over the last 17 years, he has also been a health/nutritionist/ coach who has continuously helped me improve my overall physical health.”

-Chris O.

“I originally started chiropractic treatment to heal a whiplash injury… Since then I have had several injuries, for which I sought chiropractic treatment. Lonny works with me to make sure I understand the treatment he is providing. He has always been optimistic that, whatever injury or discomfort I present to him, together we will be able to bring about significant improvement in my condition. I recommend chiropractic as part of an overall treatment plan to achieve and maintain good health, and  I recommend Dr. Lonny Skjervheim as an excellent practitioner of chiropractic.”

-Hollis R.

“A+++ First Rate Chiropractor: We went to Lonny because my daughter has problems with pronation and flat feet. He is the only Chiropractor I’ve found who would work on this. He was very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose and describe certain issues having to do with her arches. He then corrected them and tested and retested to make sure the fix stayed.  He’s very good with children and is an excellent chiropractor. ”


“I was originally scheduled to have surgery to replace my left hip. I was having so much pain one evening that I ended up in the emergency room. The emergency doctor told me to find a chiropractor. I scheduled a visit with Dr. Skjervheim and he diagnosed a problem with my sciatica nerve. I began treatment and cancelled the surgery. Now I’m good as new and ‘no’ surgery!  Thank you Dr. Skjervheim!”

-Carol G.

“My issues included severe pelvic pain and bladder urgency, slow colon, shooting pain down my left leg, front & back, lower left back pain. I had no quality of life & I was ready to give up!! After four years of chronic pain and being on heavy doses of pain medication, I basically had no life except for work and sleep. Prior to chiropractic, I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, colonics, massage therapy, surgery, etc., but nothing relieved my pain. Dr. Skjervheim used the Flexion/Distraction (Cox Technique), I have gone back to a normal lifestyle and cut down on pain medication drastically and am almost healed.
Dr. Skjervheim most likely saved my life!”

-Teresa T.

“My health problem has been neck and mid-back pain with intermittent muscle spasms and radiating symptoms post auto accident. Previously I used Advil and massage therapy, as my MD  recommended, however, the massage therapy was too intense and aggravated the condition.

Dr. Skjervheim utilized a conservative treatment approach, with multiple visits per week to identify the most effective adjustment to alleviate the spasms, and progressively reduce the pain and increase function. By using the combined expertise he has acquired in several disciplines, I feel reassured that I am receiving the best possible care and I’ve experienced great improvement. I am always confident to recommend Dr. Skjervheim to anyone desirous of improving their well-being.”

-Annette G.

“In 2001, I was involved in two automobile accidents stemming 6 months apart sustaining back and neck injuries. Knowing very little about chiropractic treatment, I was skeptical.    I didn’t think that kind of care would correct the problems I now had or ease my degree of pain.

I sought out an Osteopath, as they treat illness based on imbalances in the Musculoskeletal System (consisting on your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia), who then confirmed what I had thought of Chiropractic care, stating, “if he thought it would do any good, he’d adjust me himself, as he was certified, but Chiropractic would not help me…”  He didn’t help me either!

After the second accident, my boss referred me to her chiropractor conveniently located in our office building. While my condition did improve greatly, my pain never went away completely. I became complacent and figured these were issues I would have to just “deal” with… I would always suffer from back pain and on a consistent basis endure migraines that affected my daily life.

Several years later, I was rear ended, re-aggravating the previous automobile accident injuries. It was then that I found Dr.  Skjervheim. Dr. Lonny was able to determine the interference within my nervous system that was creating the problems in my back and neck, as well as eliminate the migraines I had been suffering from for so long. It’s thanks to Dr. Skjervheim that I was able to and could finally stand to see the light at the end of the tunnel…”

-Tiffanie C.

“I was having episodes of extreme pain in my right knee for about two months.    It was so painful that I could barely walk. It had been recommended that I have surgery, but I did not take that advice.

Once I went in for a chiropractic appointment, I was adjusted and told that orthotics might help. I have not had any episodes of severe pain since.”

-Donna B.