Are your symptoms the enemy?
Are your symptoms the real problem?
Should you seek to have your symptoms masked?
Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away…

Having a noticeable change in the body or its functions, indicates the presence of a disease or other disorder.

The more common issues are listed below:

  • Headaches
  • Allergies or Asthma
  • Neck pain or shoulder pain
  • Athletic injuries
  • Numbness in the arms or legs
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle or Foot Tenderness
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Swollen Joints
  • Loss of movement in the joints
  • Stiffness in back or neck

When the body is in trouble, it talks to the brain over the nervous system. Many times the symptom will leave, because the body refuses to send any more messages, or the nerve fails to send the message to the brain centers, because of drugs or injury.

It is possible at times for symptoms to increase because the body is becoming more functional, more aware, and not because it is getting worse.  This is transitional. First a subluxation, then nerve pressure and loss of mental impulse (brain message). The cells being created by the minute are created abnormally, creating disease, then the symptoms.

Symptoms are a result of damage, from trauma or a concentration of abnormal cells. Treating symptoms allows you to be more comfortable while the body continues to create abnormal cells. You can be clearing of nerve pressure and loss of life impulse and continue with symptoms because the abnormal cells have not yet been replaced by normal cells.

But in time will be replaced as normal. Then the symptoms may leave, because of health returning, not because of drugs, or their means of hiding symptoms.

The chiropractic adjustment makes increased life messages possible to the body and gives the body it’s own healing potential.

Chiropractic is Safe Healthcare!

Each year, thousands of people die needlessly from medically prescribed drugs and medicine. Drugs always carry risks and possible side affects–just read the warnings or listen to the announcer on every commercial you hear!

Chiropractic Care is the natural way to help your body heal itself. While medicine has it’s place, it should not be the only option. Using a band-aid to cover up a splinter wouldn’t make sense — wouldn’t it be smarter to correct the problem than to mask it?